Lekker Bikes Amsterdam plus

The Amsterdam Range: What’s it all about?

When LEKKER set out to create a range of commuter bikes, their goal was simple. A bike that people actually want to ride. A fuss-free ride devoid of gimmicks and gizmos that nobody actually wants (or knows how) to use. The bikes needed to embrace traditional Dutch design, embracing the spirit of Dutch Omafiets whilst adding a modern touch.

And so, the LEKKER Amsterdam range was born. Comprising two models, the Amsterdam range comes with a range of premium features as standard, designed to make this your very best ride:

  • Kickstand
  • Super safe hydraulic brakes – with control on both handles
  • A light, robust and long lasting aluminium frame
  • Shimano Internal Gearing Hubs
  • Carbon Belt Drive Technology from Gates CDX
  • Spanninga premium LED lights

These are “get on and go” bikes; there’s no lengthy set up and no maintenance.

The Amsterdam+

The first electric model within LEKKER’s Amsterdam range, the Amsterdam+ brings something completely new to the table. On the face of it, this is just an eBike. But this isn’t just any electric bike, it’s a LEKKER eBike – so you know you’re getting the very best of the best.

LEKKER have approached the design with practicality at the forefront of their mind. The Amsterdam+ might be minimalist in aesthetics – it’s anything but under the surface. Yes, there’s just a single gear on this bike. But with this eBike, you don’t need them. The addition of a Bafang 250W rear engine will propel you to the front of the peloton without you needing to change gears. The Samsung battery provides a range of up to 70-90km, giving you plenty of scope for adventure between charges.

There’s a waterproof LED display giving you complete control over the motor; with 5 built-in support levels, you decide how much assistance you need. LEKKER have carefully designed the ultimate gearing ratio (63/22) to offer you the perfect level of resistance through all 5 support levels.

Lighter than its big brother, the Amsterdam GT, LEKKER’s Amsterdam+’s rear-motor and single gearing makes it perfect for an everyday commute. But if you’re looking to go further, the Amsterdam GT will give you the extra push you need.

The Amsterdam GT

Taking all the features of the Amsterdam+ and turning it up to 11, the Amsterdam GT sits at the very top tier of the LEKKER eBike range. It’s the perfect fusion of classic Dutch design with modern engineering; a lightweight aluminium frame finished in a slick powder coating to protect it from the elements and keep it looking as good as new.

The new and improved LEKKER Amsterdam GT electric bike fuses a seamless Enviolo hub and powerful Bafang M420 mid-drive motor to create a smooth and stylish ride for the everyday adventurer. The motor itself is completely silent, so you can focus on your surroundings – whether that be city streets or rolling countryside.

Like with other Amsterdam models, the LEKKER Amsterdam GT features a Gates CDX Belt Drive for a maintenance-free ride. There’s no chain waiting to snap or needing to be greased. Just a super silent belt drive.

It goes without saying that the Amsterdam GT comes with everything you’d expect from a LEKKER bike – hydraulic brakes, WTB all-terrain tyres, and plenty of room to add a rack to the front and back so you can be safe in the knowledge that the Amsterdam GT is there for you, no matter what you need.

But there’s one thing that sets the GT model apart. The combination of Enviolo CT N330 seamless shifting and integrated Enviolo hub cements the Amsterdam GT as the very pinnacle of LEKKER eBike engineering. The Enviolo hub means you can shift gears at a standstill, whilst providing super simple riding even in a stop-and-go situation. There’s no locked gearing systems, and with its 310% ratio, the seamless Enviolo hub is perfect for urban commuting and for longer weekend rides on rougher terrains.

The LEKKER Amsterdam GT really is the very best of the best.

A little bit about LEKKER

Amsterdam-based LEKKER was originally founded in 2009 with a lofty goal in mind – to revolutionise the modern commute. Taking a Dutch classic and adding the latest in cycling technology, the LEKKER range is a masterclass in engineering. 

When founder Meindert swapped the streets of Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach, he quickly realised that there was something missing from this idyllic new lifestyle in the sun: his beautiful Dutch bicycle. And so, LEKKER as we know it was born.

Now sold across Australia, Europe, and the US, LEKKER bikes have been adopted by commuters and casual riders alike, from all walks of life – all coming together to enjoy the wonder of travel on two wheels.