In conversation with LEKKER’s CEO and Product Design Engineer

In conversation with LEKKER’s CEO and Product Design Engineer

We sit down with LEKKER’s CEO, Niels Bark, and Product Design Engineer, Frank Meiresonne, to delve into the world of eBikes, exploring LEKKER’s journey, design philosophy, and what sets their bikes apart in the market.

Niels, could you tell us a bit about LEKKER Bikes and its story? 

N: Certainly! LEKKER Bikes has come a long way since its launch in Sydney back in 2009. Our mission was simple: to introduce Aussies to the way we move around cities in the Netherlands. In Australia, bikes were mostly associated with racing or mountain biking, and the idea of using a bike for practical urban commuting was relatively unknown. We set out to change that by showing Australia how to move the Amsterdam way!

Today, after 14 years, we proudly stand as Australia’s market leader in urban eBikes, with three stores in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. We’ve also recently opened two brand stores in Europe: in Amsterdam and Berlin. We’re home! 

Frank, can you elaborate on LEKKER’s design philosophy and the thought process behind it? 

F: Absolutely! Ever since LEKKER started developing eBikes 6 years ago, we’ve always held the same philosophy - manufacturing eBikes that put our customers first. From convenience and practicality to durability and quality. Our primary goal is to create eBikes that are built to last - keeping things simple and making sure that everything we do, we do well. 

Our composer model plays a vital role in achieving this philosophy. We partner with experts in the field for each and every component we source, harnessing tens of thousands of hours of expertise gained through industry experience and rigorous testing. This approach guarantees that each bike is a harmonious integration of carefully considered components, reducing the likelihood of defects and failures. 

Additionally, we are of course aware that eBikes, like any mechanical device, may require servicing or repairs during its lifetime. To make this process hassle-free, our composer model ensures that local bike shops, familiar with our trusted suppliers, can handle any maintenance needs. Staying true to our Dutch roots, we believe a classic Dutch bike should be easy to self-maintain and easily and effortlessly serviced anywhere - hard to break and easy to fix!

Is this also why you don’t see LEKKER Bikes looking towards technological innovations and integrations when designing your products? 

N: Exactly. In the eBike market, there’s often a delicate balance between customer centricity and technological innovation. At LEKKER, we prioritise customer needs, preferences and satisfaction above all else. We create and develop trustworthy, reliable, easy-to-use, and high-quality products alongside exceptional service experiences, both before and after purchasing a LEKKER Bike. 

While some brands may lean into being on the cutting edge of technological advancements, we believe in offering a seamless, straightforward, and enjoyable eBike experience. We support the notion of a circular bicycle economy, using standardised parts that can be easily serviced, maintained, reused and recycled - worldwide. In doing so, we tap into a vast existing network of independent bicycle shops, so you can continue stopping by your local bike shop for any check-ups, if needs be. LEKKER Bikes are designed to last. This approach has allowed us to champion customer satisfaction and has earned us a TrustPilot rating of 4.5/5, making us Amsterdam’s top-rated eBike brand.

And finally, what sets LEKKER Bikes apart, and why should customers choose them? 

N: The appeal of LEKKER Bikes lies in the unique combination of several factors. First and foremost: exceptional product quality, practicality, and reliability across all bikes. Secondly, we take great pride in the aesthetic design of our bikes, ensuring there’s something for everyone. A more classic, step through frame like the Jordaan, which comes in a variety of fun colours. Or the more sporty, step over frame seen in our Amsterdam models. 

Another crucial aspect that sets us apart is our dedication to outstanding customer service. Our TrustPilot rating is a testament to both our customer’s product and service satisfaction. 

In summary, choosing a LEKKER Bike means getting a well-crafted, reliable, and stylish eBike, that’s locally serviceable and backed by exceptional customer support – a winning combination that’s established us as a leader in the Australian eBike industry, and positions us perfectly to continue our stable growth in Europe. 


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