Evie Lekker Bikes Jordaan


Evie is someone who we’d call a go-getter. She’s a full-blown career woman working in corporate law, a part-time yoga teacher and a volunteer at the Red Cross. What a 21st-century powerhouse!

You’d think, how on earth does she do it all? Several years ago Evie was feeling the stress, pressures of work, and other life events get the better of her. Through chance, she soon found herself in a yoga studio; practising on the regular. Eventually, she started to see the physical and mental benefits as her body “started to repair itself”, and she finally regained control over her life finding some sense of normalcy again.

Through the wellness journey that she’s been on for many years, Evie has learned many of the positive impacts it has had on her life. And because of that, she was inspired to create her own business – “The Vibes”, with the purpose of helping other people have the same realisation as she had: “My goal is to share what I have learned with as many people as possible so that others can feel the benefits and live their best lives.”

Evie’s LEKKER came at a very convenient time in her life. Based in Canberra she would often walk past Kingston Foreshore Cycles on her way to work, where the bikes on display would always catch her attention. After some thought, she finally walked in one day and decided to commit to our Dutch cruiser, the LEKKER Jordaan.

Soon after she bought the bike, a huge thunderstorm hit Canberra and her car was written off. Even though Evie originally intended the usage of her bike for riding to work, in efforts of trying to become more environmentally friendly, the bike now comes in as a lifesaver providing her with the safest mode of transportation in this current climate! “It has been both exciting and terrifying, re-learning to ride a bike and realising that I can get somewhere without hopping into a car or bus.”

“I have been making small changes over the years to incorporate more conscious and ethical lifestyle choices and the use of a car is definitely one of them that I’m still working on. Having my bike in my life allows me to be a better and more conscious person.”