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Berlin: Coming Soon

Experience the brand story

Founder Meindert Wolfraad made the big move all the way from his home in The Netherlands to Australia and felt that something was missing, the Dutch bike -- and so LEKKER Bikes was born. After opening our Brand Store in Amsterdam in 2014 we are finally ready for our very first European expansion to none other than the amazing Berlin. The store will be situated in the trendy Prenzlauer Berg area on Kollwitzstraße 47.

Experience the area

The Prenzlauer Berg area is home to many historic buildings and monuments and has an energetic day- and nightlife. Nearby are the remnants of the Berlin Wall as well as the 161km long Berlin Wall bike path, ideal for anyone looking to add some history to their route. The store is situated by countless shops, bars, cafés and restaurants filled with locals and visitors alike. Not too far from the store's location is Mauerpark, either just enjoy the sun with some mates or bike through the calm paths. The area is great for any adventure you may have in mind or if you just want to take it slow, sit yourself down in a chair and people watch. It’s the perfect place to be in if you want to celebrate the new purchase of your LEKKER Bike or if you are waiting for someone to test ride a bike and want to have a seat somewhere in the meantime.

LEKKER in Berlin

Berlin is a lively and beautiful city where there is always something to do whether you are a local or a visitor. It is a melting pot of cultures with a rich history, great music and friendly people with trendy style. So what else makes Berlin the perfect city for a LEKKER Brand store? Just like in Amsterdam, Berlin has a significant bicycle culture and with its wide roads and many different cycle paths and parks it will make any cyclist feel pure joy to commute in. Cycling is becoming more and more popular as a way to commute in the city. The cycle culture only continues to evolve as well with big plans for improved bike infrastructure around the city. There are several projects in the works, for instance making more protected bike lanes to make people on two wheels feel more safe. And of course not to forget to mention the 37 km long cycling superhighway, planned to start being built in 2023, that will pass by 500,000 inhabitants' homes on its East-West route. Sounds perfect for any eBike to cruise ;) 

Where to cycle

This diverse and fun city of cyclists dreams has endless possibilities when it comes to where to bike. Either go around the city or travel a bit outside of it to explore. Below we listed some of the options: 

Tempelhofer Feld

The former airport turned public park is a great place to cycle. It offers 6km of smooth riding on the former runway, right next to skateboarders and rollerbladers doing their thing. Tempelhofer Feld is also an ideal location for picnics with its bbq areas, bring some friends and make a day out of it. We can also highly recommend to stay to watch the sunset over the grounds, you won’t regret it!

The East Side Gallery

As mentioned earlier, the Berlin Wall bike path will add plenty of history to your journey. The memorial is the largest open-air gallery in the world featuring the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. The 1.3km section is the colourful vision of freedom where there once was a grey dividing wall, drawn by 118 different artists after the wall came down. Easy to access and see by bike and located right by the Spree, which is another great path to follow.


Want some nature? Visit the large forested area of Grunewald in Southwest Berlin, the perfect area to escape the busy city life for a day. The 3000 hectare green wonderland offers beautiful trails along its loop with hills and lakes. The forest offers different paths to choose from. You can have a relaxing scenic route or go all out mountain biking. In the warmer months stop and have a swim to cool off in one of the beautiful lakes, for instance Schlachtensee or Krumme Lanke.


Experience a local favourite in the city and go cycle along the beautiful and peaceful Landwehrkanal in Kreuzberg. Go with friends or by yourself and  stop for a beverage at one of the many nice cafés and beer gardens in the area along the way. It’s an easy ride and a fun way to discover Kreuzberg as well, while it’s only 3km long you’ll be in no rush to go through here. Also a great spot for a sunset ride, you’re in for a picturesque experience.  

Discover more of the best places to cycle in Berlin here. 

 See you in August!