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City Commuter


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Amsterdam Urban eBike

Modern and smooth, the Amsterdam Urban has features for the everyday adventure rider- experience ultra-thick puncture resistant tires, integrated brake lights, all powered by Bafang® M200 mid-motor. The Gates® CDX Belt Drive ensures a smooth, maintenance-free ride. Along with its powerful lightweight motor, you can choose your level of power assistance at the touch of a button, for an effortless ride- with a battery you can charge anywhere- Go in the city and beyond!

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In Perfect Harmony

An ergonomic design with an adjustable handlebar stem and riding position, the Amsterdam Urban boasts a lightweight yet extra-durable frame with a powder-coated finish, exceptionally sturdy fenders, and extra-thick, shock-absorbing, and puncture-resistant G-One Schwalbe tires & a powerful stopping feature with hydraulic disc brakes. It's a bike made for action, no frills, just thrills.

Powerful Mid-drive

Powerful and silent, the Bafang® M200 mid-motor makes the daily commute smooth sailing. Well, riding. And with 65Nm of torque and 3 levels of power assistance to choose from - you'll have all the power you need. Cruise up hills with ease and fly down.

A simple comfort solution

The Amsterdam Urban keeps it clean, durable and intuitive. The on/off button is fully integrated into the frame. Select between 3 assistance levels and operate the lights by a simple double click. The battery status is indicated by a halo ring around the button. Connect to the Bafang® GO app for more detailled information on battery status and rider stats.

Gates® Belt Drive & 3 Speed Automatic Hub

The Gates® CDX Belt Drive technology fits perfectly in the Urban design philosophy. Made from premium carbon it offers unmatched durability and strength. It’s stretch-free carbon fibre cords it provides a silent and seamless riding experience, with no maintenance required for up to 30,000 kilometers.

Be a part of a driving power that is a smart 3-speed revolution. The 3-speed is an automatic shifter that shifts on centrifugal force. That means it shifts automatically up when you’re speeding. It’s simple, clean, and intuitive and perfectly harmonises with the mid-drive and selected ratios for the CDX Belt set-up.

Convenience meets the road

This hyper-sturdy design includes a powder-coated frame and fork, incredibly robust fenders that are extra thick and powder-coated, and extra-thick puncture-resistant G-One Schwalbe tires, adding not just durability but also comfort to your ride. And with integrated cabling, it's sleek and fuss-free.

Illuminate your Path

Illuminate your path in style with the Amsterdam Urban eBike, boasting premium lighting features. The front light is powered by Litemove® SE-70 with Philips® optical system. Integrated in the rear fender, the Buechel® Nano COB LED Technology provides exceptional safety and visibility from behind, including brake light technology. Illuminate your ride with cutting-edge lighting solutions for a safer and more enjoyable cycling experience. Both front- and rear light are StVZO compliant.

Charge anywhere you go

A battery thats easily removable and integrated with the frame of the bike. Choose from two batteries, ride up to 100 km on a single charge. Take it off, take it indoors, charge it up, head off. Beautifully simple. Easy to replace, easy to upgrade.

Craftsmanship meets the road

Crafted with premium material and meticulous attention to detail, the Amsterdam Urban is designed to elevate your daily commute and adventures. All of LEKKER bikes are produced in Europe and arriving 98% assembled so you can get on the go right away!

Real things you do with your bike

We at LEKKER celebrate everyday rides and all of the memorable moments that happen on a bike. Riding a bike isn't just about reaching a destination - it's about savouring the journey and creating lasting memories along the way-- its the way we ride.


Bafang Bafang® M200 Mid Motor, 65Nm Torque
Three assistance levels
25km/h assistance


Front Light Litemove® 6m wide and up to 150m distance of beam
Visibility ahead 70 lux 6V

Rear Light Buechell® Nano COB - StVZO Compliant


Bafang Bafang® Simple and Robust LED Single Button


MDA257 100 - 240v / 42V 2A EU Plug


Bluetooth connectivity Connect through Bafang GO app

Removable battery

378Wh (10.5Ah, 36V). Range: 40km – 70km 504Wh (14Ah, 36V). Range: 65km - 100km


Frame PPG Powder Coated Aluminium with integrated battery case

Fenders Hyper Sturdy and Durable Aluminium Fender Set

Fork PPG Powder Coated Aluminium


Rims Double Walled Aluminium

Front Rim -

Rear Rim -

Tires Schwalbe® G-One Allround 29" x 2.25
Puncture resistant


Front Rotor 160mm

Rear Rotor 160mm

Brakes Premium Tektro® Hydraulic Disc brakes


Stem Adjustable handlebar stem to find optimal comfort

Grips Superior hand comfort and highest level of ergonomics

Headset Zoom®

Handlebar Comfortable Ergonomic Commuter Handlebar


Belt Gates® CDX Belt Drive

Front Sprocket 46T CDX

Rear Sprocket 24T CDX


Cranks Bafang® Crank-Set

Pedals All Weather Aluminium


Shifter -

Gear Hub Bafang® Automatic 3-Speed


Saddle Comfortable Commuter Saddle


Experience Box Includes toolset, reflectors and bell

Carriers Option: Amsterdam Commuter Front & Rear Carrier Rack

Kickstand Sturdy Aluminium Rear Mounted

Size chart

Height range For riders 165-185 cm


Seat tube 56 cm


Top tube 59 cm


Head tube 18 cm


Wheel base 115 cm


Stand over height 81.5 cm

Weight 22 kg

Maximum load 115 kg

Height range For riders 185-205 cm


Seat tube 60 cm


Top tube 61 cm


Head tube 18 cm


Wheel base 116 cm


Stand over height 85.5 cm

Weight 22 kg

Maximum load 115 kg

Got questions? We've got you.

Good question. Amsterdam Urban is our mid-motor eBike with an automatic 3-speed hub. It’s the perfect commuter electric bike, agile in every urban environment, ideal for quick rides to and from work (and everywhere in between). Oh, and it’s super-responsive too.

Amsterdam GTS gives some serious oomph on those longer adventures. The M420 Mid-drive motor by Bafang, together with the Enviolo CT integrated hub provides a heavy power boost and full control when riding.

Ah, you must be a serious electric cycling tech-head. OK here goes.

The Amsterdam Urban has a powerful Bafang M200 mid-motor to spice up your commute, make hills feel flat and effortlessly get you up to speed. With 3 levels of power-assist, keeps you in full control of the 250w output with the Bafang button integrated in the top tube. The Bafang automatic 3-speed hub is the best fitting lightweight gearing hub that syncs perfectly with the mid-motor.

Yes, we are very proud to let you know our Gen3 eBikes meet the EN 15194 standard and have been thoroughly tested and certified by the TüV (an independent testing facility that tests, inspects, and certifies products).

Since we believe in offering our riders a joyful and worry-free eBike experience, our eBikes are designed with safety as a priority every step of the way. They are built around high-quality, complete eBike systems that have been thoroughly tested for electrical and fire protection.

Great, but what is the EN 15194 Certification exactly?

EN 15194 is a standard that specifies requirements and test methods for the safety, performance, and design of e-bikes before they are deemed safe for riders and the public. It’s mainly developed for regulating e-bikes in European Union countries and covers common hazards and hazardous events related to e-bikes. In most of Europe, manufacturers are not obligated to comply with EN 15194—the UK and France being exceptions, where compliance with the standard is mandatory.

When an e-bike is indicated as meeting the EN 15194 standard, it also meets the standards for mechanical parts outlined in ISO 4210. Furthermore, it has passed comprehensive safety assessments that test and evaluate significant areas of the bike, including its braking performance, electrical system safety, stability, and durability, making it less at risk of accidents and malfunctions and promoting rider and road user safety.

EN 15194 also ensures that the e-bike meets specific performance criteria to deliver a consistent and reliable riding experience by subjecting the e-bike to testing that evaluates parameters such as power assistance levels, speed limitation, and range estimation.

Yes, they are! All our batteries undergo a rigorous certification process to ensure they are safe. Our batteries have obtained the CE testing and certification process and have the UN38.3 (certification for lithium batteries) and NEN-EN15194 certification for the European eBike directive. But that’s not all: in addition, we also have the CE-EMC certification and IEC 62133. 

How do you test the batteries? 

Together with our European assembly partner, we test our batteries during and at the end of the assembly process. These tests ensure that our batteries are completely waterproof, have total capacity, and have perfect working connections before they reach our customers. 

Do your batteries have internal management systems (BMS)?

Our batteries come with a Battery Management System (or in short, BMS) that protects them against everything from short circuits and too high or low temperatures. 

The BMS is designed to prevent damage to the battery by monitoring and regulating charging and discharging, as well as the battery's overall health. This ensures that our batteries are safe and reliable for our customers. Lastly, the BMS allows us to make quick and easy diagnoses of the battery and will enable us to repair and maximize the product life cycle.

One question at a time please, don’t rush us. OK. First up, yes every LEKKER eBike has a removable battery, so you don’t have to take the whole eBike inside for charging. Plus, upgrading or replacing’s easy. Which brings us to question 2. Here are the battery specs for the Amsterdam Urban.

Standard: 36v 10.4Ah, 373 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km
Upgrade: 36v 14Ah, 504 Wh capacity Range: 65km-100km.

Sure we can. And we’ll keep it simple. It’s the Dutch way. The Amsterdam Urban eBike has an automatic 3-speed hub, which allows you to cruise through traffic without worries. The mid-motor with torque sensor in combination with the automatic 3-speed hub will keep you going. And going. And going. Don’t think about changing gears, the hub will do it for you, just fly. Well, ride.

The LEKKER Amsterdam Urban eBike comes with Schwalbe G-One Allround 57mm wide puncture resistant tyres, for maximum traction and smooth riding, beyond pavement roads. So light gravel roads and dirt won’t be a problem. It’s probably best to stay off the mountains and hardcore mudtracks though.

The Amsterdam Urban is a powerful and smooth electric bike. You can choose from 3 levels of power assistance, together with the perfect gear ratio to keep boosting your cadence when reaching higher speed! Wheeee!

Yes! The Amsterdam Urban eBike is fitted with the Litemove SE-70 front light and Buchell Nano COB integrated fender lights which are both STVZO approved. The lights are display-operated and powered by the battery.

Well, we’re not saying you can ride your LEKKER eBike into a canal or anything, but the intelligent LED button on our Urban eBikes have an IPX5 rating which means they are water-resistant as well as protected against, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material.

We’re not going to answer that because it would be a Very Bad Thing To Do. We want you and your fellow road users to stay safe. And we’re law-abiding people. So you need to know that riding tuned eBikes with a speed limit above 25km/h is against the law. It will void the warranty on your eBike and your insurance coverage too. Plus, it can have serious legal consequences. Like we said, a Very Bad Thing.

But wait! Although your motor’s capped at 25km/h, your eBike won’t be gated. So if you feel the need for speed (and your legs are strong like Marianne Vos) you can pedal as fast as you want.

Sorry, the Amsterdam Urban’s motor isn’t quite up to the task of hauling around your sprogs, dogs and, er, logs. But if you’re looking for an eBike with more pulling power, how about the Amsterdam GTS?

Don't just take our word for it