Ride your dream eBike

Check out the steps below if you're interested in leasing a LEKKER bike through your employer (for NL residents only):

Leasing a bike through your employer

Step 1

Your employer enters into an agreement with a lease-a-bike. This is arranged free of charge within a week.

Step 2

You receive a link from your employer. Register and wait for permission and the conditions that your employer sets for choosing a LEKKER lease bike.

Step 3

You receive a personal code.

Step 4

Send an email to in which you provide the following information:
- Your name, address, phone number, and name of the company you work for.
- The personal code you received from Lease-a-bike.
- The bike you are interested in (please be specific; what color, frame size, battery size and accessories such as kickstand, lock, front or rear rack etc).
- A standard maintenance package will be included with your Lease a Bike contract.
For information regarding what this package entails  please contact Lease a Bike directly. (this maintenance can take place at any affiliated bicycle repair shop).

Step 5

Based on this information, we will create an order in the lease-a-bike portal. You will receive a notification via email, after which you can digitally approve. Please note that placing an order with lease-a-bike voids any discounts and promotional codes. Shipping costs will not be covered by lease a bike so owners will be required to cover the shipping cost.

Step 6

The bike will be delivered as soon as it is available! If you choose to have the bicycle delivered at home, you will receive a message from our warehouse- and transport partner Rapids, with a suggestion for a delivery date and time. We will then go through the final steps within the portal together; entering the PIN code you received, and entering the frame and lock number. After this stage, the process is complete: you can start enjoying your new commute on your own LEKKER bike!

"Get on your dream bike via your employer package"

Here you will find all other information and ultimately the option to request the leasing package.

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