LEKKER x BusinessBike

Fast and easy eBike leasing


6 steps to your LEKKER x BusinessBike

Step 1: Sign up on the BusinessBike platform.

Please check if your employer participates in the BusinessBike leasing program. Follow the instructions on the BusinessBike portal, regardless of whether you are self-employed or an employee.

Step 2: Choose your dream bike on the LEKKER Bikes website.

Create a customer profile on our website using the same email address you use in the BusinessBike portal.Select your eBike model from the latest Generation 3 and lease-eligible accessories, then add everything to your cart. Note: Helmets and our Outlet Generation 2 eBike cannot be leased.

Step 3: Choose BusinessBike at checkout.

Go to checkout and select BusinessBike as your payment option and complete your order. We'll take care of the rest!

Step 4: Accept the contract on the BusinessBike platform.

Log in to the BusinessBike platform and accept the offer. Once your employer approves it and the leasing contract is finalised with BusinessBike, your order will be processed into our system, and our stated shipping times will apply.

Step 5: Pick up your dream bike or have it delivered.

You can have your LEKKER Bike delivered directly to your home or choose to pick it up at our Brand Store in Berlin with a pickup code. For the latter option, please send us a brief email so we can arrange delivery to our Brand Store. You will receive the pickup code separately from BusinessBike via email.

Step 6: Receiving your LEKKER Bike

Once you have received your new LEKKER Bike, please email us your Businessbike PIN code, as well as your frame, battery, and lock numbers. After that, you can start your first ride with your LEKKER Bike!

The Fastest and Easiest Company Bike Leasing in the World

A high-quality bike for less money? No problem with BusinessBike leasing! Lease exactly the bike you need right now and pay for it through your salary—in small monthly instalments. With tax-advantaged salary conversion, you can save up to 40% compared to buying. Insurance against damage and theft, as well as annual service checks by bike shops, are included. This way, you'll be better equipped for your commute and leisure rides. And the best part: after the leasing period, simply return your bike and switch to, for example, the latest model on the market!

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are discounts on our latest Generation 3, your offer will be created with the discount applied.
Note: Our Outlet Generation 2 cannot be leased through BusinessBike.

As soon as your BusinessBike order is approved, our stated shipping times apply. 

Yes. Leasing-eligible accessories can be added to your BusinessBike order.  
Note: Helmets cannot be leased. If you still wish to order a helmet, you can place a separate order outside of your leasing contract with us. Please note that this item will be processed and shipped separately from your BusinessBike order.

Yes, if you lock your LEKKER Bike with an appropriate lock worth at least €49. You can, for example, add the ABUS ring lock + ABUS plug-in chain or the ABUS chain lock to your leasing order. Alternatively, you can use your own lock with a minimum value of €49 that is no older than 2 years at the start of the lease and for which you have the original purchase receipt. The frame of the BusinessBike must always be secured to a fixed object with an approved bicycle lock to ensure theft protection. Only accessories firmly attached to the BusinessBike are insured. For further questions about insurance, please contact the BusinessBike customer service.

Depending on the situation, there are different options. In order to find the best solution for you, it is best to discuss the options with your employer. Please visit the BusinessBike website for more informations.

Unfortunately, no, as the contract you've signed with BusinessBike is a 3-year leasing agreement.

Please report the theft to the local police immediately, providing the frame number and photos in case of damage. Then, within 5 days, you must report the theft or damage to our customer service at info.de@lekkerbikes.com, including the police report case number.

No, your bike will not be replaced with the latest model during your lease.

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