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LEKKER Bikes Brand Store Melbourne

Experience the Brand Story

The whole team at LEKKER Bikes couldn’t be prouder to see how our brand has been growing over the past few years. As a Dutchie in Australia, our founder Meindert Wolfraad felt what he was missing most was his Dutch bike. That is why we combined our classic Dutch bicycle design with the latest trends and technologies to reach the shores of Australia, wishing to contribute to the ever-growing cycling culture of this country - and so LEKKER Bikes was born. After the opening of our first store in Melbourne in 2012, we were proud to announce the expansion of LEKKER Bikes in Australia with another brand store in Sydney, in 2016.

At LEKKER Bikes, we believe that each store has its own story. All have their particularities, whether it’s to do with the wide range of services on offer, or what is happening in our different workshops at the rear of the stores. Continue reading and become more familiar with our Melbourne Brand Store as well as its products and services, and gain a better insight into what it is we’re all doing here to serve you the best way we possibly can.

 Lekker Bikes Melbourne Showroom

What’s so special about our Melbourne Brand Store?

If you happen to wander off one of the main streets surrounded by bicycle paths in North Melbourne and follow the sound of funky music coming from afar, it will lead you to a huge, luminous warehouse that you might have seen before: it’s our beloved Melbourne brand store. Displaying colourful images of our bikes on its storefront. This big open space isn’t like any other ordinary bicycle shop – being the home of our Australian head office, our Melbourne store has plenty of room to showcase all the different bicycle series and offers more than enough space to make a test ride.

Once you make your way through the jungle of plants, commuter bikes, and customers, you’ll find yourself at our front desk, decked out with our LEKKER brand logo. If you have a quick look around, you can easily see what the store has on display: different electric and vintage bicycle models, divided into two main styles: the Jordaan and Amsterdam Series, offering Men and Women the choice between a Dutch-style cruiser bike or a speedy minimalistic race machine.

Our Melbourne Store Manager, Kelvin, will be there to welcome you, as well as the rest of the LEKKER Team, whose heads you can spot popping up from the workshop at the back of the store. Each one of them is here to provide you with more information about our different models: whether you’re looking for a brand new Womens or Mens Bike, a new set of tyres or a nice helmet to match your Commuter Bike. The LEKKER team will help you throughout the entire process to make sure that at the end you walk out with a bike that fits your needs perfectly.

But how do we make sure you get your dream bike?

Lekker Bikes Melbourne Brand Store

To make sure you’ll get the bike that suits you best, the next step is to try it and see how you feel. Our Melbourne Brand store is the perfect spot for this, people can simply hop-on one of our bikes and go. Test riding is an important step in making sure you pick the right size and choose a model that you feel most comfortable with. Once you’ve done all this, all you need to do is choose your accessories!

LEKKER Bikes offers the complete package, more than just an aesthetically pleasing product, we also offer good quality service because we listen to our customer’s concerns and take their opinions into account. Customer service doesn’t end after somebody has bought a bike from our website or walked out with one in our store. We also make sure your bike is well maintained and ready for any cycling adventure. We do customization and upgrades, so that our vintage bikes can meet even the most demanding expectations.

We here at LEKKER Bikes, hope this article provides a better overview of what is happening in our Melbourne store and the products and services that our team has to offer. As the ever-growing cycling culture in Melbourne is attracting a lot of new local customers, we’re striving to provide you with the best possible assistance while sticking to our product culture – Good Looking, Good Quality, Good Value. Whether you’re a two-wheels beginner or an avid cyclist, we hope to welcome you to our stylish warehouse on 23 Provost St. to share some of our knowledge and love of bikes.