LEKKER Bikes is now officially a JobRad partner. The green alternative to a company car, JobRad enables employees or anyone who’s self-employed to save up to 40% on a LEKKER Bike through your employer. Commuting has never looked so sweet – get ready to ride LEKKER!

eBikes as the main form of transportation in everyday life

LEKKER Bikes and JobRad believe cycling should be the main form of transportation in everyday life because; riding an eBike to work keeps employees dynamic, healthy and happy. Many studies support that commutes involving more physical activity are associated with less stress levels and better performance at work. Besides, cycling is not only enjoyable and healthy, but also environmentally friendly. The average person's carbon emissions from transportation are reduced  by 67% by choosing to commute with an eBike over a car. Cycling as a way of transportation, contributes to ensuring a more sustainable world.

On a mission to get more employees on bikes, LEKKER Bikes will provide the ride and JobRad will make sure everything runs smoothly.

What is JobRad?

JobRad is a (e)bike leasing company. The JobRad (e)Bike – available for employees or anyone who's self-employed in Germany; leased by the employer and given to the employees. Employees can use it anytime they want, whether to get around town, go on vacation, or engage in sports. It is the green alternative to a company car.

Take advantage

Do you live in Germany and are you (self-)employed? You can now easily save up to 40% on your LEKKER eBike by leasing your eBike via JobRad through your employer thanks to the tax-subsidized company-bicycle leasing program. The monthly instalments will simply be deducted from your gross salary. There will be no costs for you or your employer in advance. It is so advantageous that you can actually calculate how much you will save before ordering your LEKKER JobRad eBike, click here to calculate.

How to get started?

Ordering your LEKKER JobRad eBike is simple. Create your JobRad account, using the same email address that you will place your order. Then, go to the LEKKER Bikes website. Choose your eBike, leasable accessories and add them to your cart. Go to the checkout and select JobRad as payment method. Complete your order.

If your employer does not yet offer JobRad, you can request information directly from JobRad by clicking here and share it with your boss or HR to let them know it is awesome!

Curious? Click here to find out more about our new leasing partner JobRad and put together your LEKKER x JobRad order today.