Cookie Policy

Lekker Bikes uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on this website. This cookie policy applies to all related domains and communications.

Information collected

The information Lekker Bikes obtained from the use of cookies will not usually contain the individuals’ personal data. Lekker Bikes may obtain information about your computer or any other electronic device which is used to access our website, such as IP address, browser ID and /or other internet log information.


In certain circumstances Lekker Bikes may also collect personal information about the individual but only where the individual voluntarily provides it (e.g. sign up for personalized offers) or where a customer purchase goods or services from Lekker Bikes.


We only use marketing cookies if you have given us permission to do so. If you do not give permission, advertisements might still be shown, but these are random advertisements.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is placed by the server of a website on your computer or on your mobile device when you consult that website.
Cookies may be a session cookie or a persistent cookie which indicates how long the cookie will stay on a device. A persistent cookie is stored on a device for a longer period of time unless this is deleted by the individual before the expiry date. A session cookie will be deleted when an individual end the browser session of Lekker Bikes website. These cookies help Lekker Bikes to collect data such as language preferences, webpages visited, time spent on the website and other web traffic data. Lekker Bikes uses this data to improve services, analyse the activities and to personalize the individuals experience

Cookies can be placed by the server of the website you visit or by partners this website collaborates with. The server of a website can only read the cookies he has placed. That server has no access to other information on your computer or mobile device.

Which cookie do we use?

Functional or necessary cookies 

Functional cookies ensure that our web shop functions correctly. For example, think of functionalities such as placing an item in your shopping cart or paying for your order.


Analytical cookies
With analytical cookies we collect statistics with the help of third parties about how our web store is used and whether (and in what way) our communication is read. By measuring this, we can continue to improve our store and communication for the benefit of our users.

Marketing cookies
We place marketing cookies on our web store. Third parties can also place marketing cookies on our web store. We can combine the information from these marketing cookies. We do this so that we can make you the most relevant offers based on your online surfing, searching and purchasing behaviour. With these marketing cookies we also keep track of which advertisements you have seen. Wth your permission, we can make our communication more personal and relevant to you.

Functional or necessary cookies

These cookies are essential, as they help make the website usable by enabling functions such as for the individual to move around the website. These cookies are required to let the website function. The data Lekker Bikes collects is anonymised and therefore Lekker Bikes cannot identify the individual and these are not used to track the browsing activity on other sites or services. Purposes:
- Notifying you when an order has not been completed so that you do not lose the items in the shopping cart;
- Saved browser settings so that you can view our webshop optimally on your screen;
- Keeping track of items stored in the shopping basket;
- The possibility to save the information filled in so that you do not have to re-enter them every time;
- Remembering preferences such as location, language;
- The ability to respond to messages in our web store;
- Detecting possible abuse or possible problems in our webshop, for example by registering successive failed login attempts.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to investigate store use. These statistics give us insight into, among other things, how often we are visited and where we can improve our webshop. This way we can continuously optimize the experience with our webshop.


Among other things, the following data is stored:
- The IP address that will be made anonymous;
- Technical characteristics, such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox), the resolution of your computer screen, your language preference and which device you use;
- From which page you came to the webshop;
- When and for how long you visit or use the web store;
- Whether you use the functionalities of the web store. For example, placing an order or viewing previous purchases;
- Which pages you visit in our webshop.

We use these cookies, for example, to:
- Identify trends and perform analysis on how to improve the website (such as google analytics);
- For Google analytics Lekker Bikes has anonymized IP addresses, has signed a Data Processing agreement and does not share personal data with third parties.
- To analyse and identify patterns
- To analyse if changes are improvements
- Internal search button on webpage which direct the individual to the right product page
- Keep track on clicks on our website for Lekker Bikes to analyse where the most relevant information should be

Marketing cookies

Lekker Bikes uses cookies for marketing purposes such as targeting and social media advertising. Social cookies are cookies places on social media for personalized advertisement. Marketing cookies are used forLekker Bikes to analyse the behaviour to send out personalized offers and set up profiles. These cookies have the purpose of tracking the individual across websites and to display advertisements that might interest the individual based on their browser behaviour. When consent is given for Lekker Bikes to place these cookies, Lekker Bikes can send personalized offers (if this includes consent for receiving personalized offers in store or webstore) and offers via partners sites on social media.

Advertising networks act as intermediaries for online stores and advertisers. The marketing cookies of these parties allow to:
- show you advertisements from third parties;
- our advertising partners can combine your preferences with information they collect when you visit other websites.

For the cookies that these parties place for marketing purposes, we refer you to the statements on the websites of these parties. Because the statements can change regularly, we recommend that you consult these privacy and cookie statements regularly:



How to control and delete cookies

If you want to delete any cookies that are already on the computer, please refer to the help and support section on the internet browser for instructions on how to locate the file or directory that stores cookies.

Information on deleting or controlling cookies is available at

It may be that by refusing certain cookies, some parts of our website may not work or may not work optimally.

Why we use cookies?