6 steps to your LEKKER x JobRad

1: Sign up on the JobRad platform.

Check if your employer is participating in the JobRad leasing program. Have them register you on JobRad using the same email you'll use to order from LEKKER Bikes. Whether you're self-employed or an employee, just follow the instructions on the JobRad portal.

Step 2: Pick your dream bike on the LEKKER Bikes website.

Choose your eBike model and lease-eligible accessories and add everything to your shopping cart. Please note that discounts and promo codes are not applicable for orders of our latest LEKKER Bikes (Gen3) collection through JobRad. Our outlet models (Gen2) can also be leased. Note that an additional 10% will be added to the discounted outlet price due to fees.Note: Bike bags, baskets, helmets, extra batteries, and additional chargers cannot be leased.

Step 3: Choose JobRad at checkout.

Go to checkout and select JobRad as your payment option and complete your order. We'll take care of the rest!

Step 4: Accept the contract on the JobRad platform.

Log in to JobRad and accept the offer. Once your employer approves, your order will be processed automatically, and the delivery times stated on our website apply.

Step 5: Pick up your dream bike or have it delivered.

You'll receive a pickup code once your LEKKER Bike is ready. If you've chosen delivery, your bike will be shipped directly to your home. You also have the option to have your LEKKER Bike delivered to our Brand Store in Berlin and pick it up there with a pickup code. Please send us a short email for this option.

Step 6: Receipt of your LEKKER Bike.

Once your new LEKKER Bike has arrived, please confirm receipt in the JobRad Portal. Then you can set off on your first tour with your LEKKER Bike directly!

Meet our Gen2 outlet eBike

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Amsterdam GT eBike

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We bring people on bikes.

Get ready to ride LEKKER. JobRad are pioneers in company (e)Bike leasing – available for employees in Germany.

Or are you self-employed, freelance or doing business? With JobRad you get additional flexibility in your everyday life.

Save up to a massive 40% with JobRad on your new LEKKER eBike. We'll provide the ride and JobRad will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Please note that all discounts and promo codes are not valid for JobRad orders of our current Gen 3, and therefore the base price applies.

There is also the option to lease our outlet models (Gen 2). Here, a 10% fee is added to the discounted outlet price due to applicable fees.

As soon as your JobRad order is approved, our stated shipping times apply. 

Yes. You can order leasable accessories with your JobRad order.

Note: pannier bags and baskets are non-leasable items. If you wish to order these items, please place a separate order and pay in full. Please note that these items will be shipped separately from your jobrad order. 

Your JobRad LEKKER eBike is only insured when you add locks to your order. This can either be a combination of ABUS ring lock + ABUS chain, or the ABUS foldable lock. Please note: without one of these locks, your bike will not be insured.

Depending on the situation, there are different options. In order to find the best solution for you, it is best to discuss the options with your employer. Please visit the Jobrad FAQs for more informations.

Unfortunately not, as the contract you signed with JobRad is a 3-year leasing contract. For any questions related to the terms of the JobRad leasing contract, please contact JobRad directly. 

Please immediately report the theft to your local police; stating the frame number and, in case of any damage, photos. Next, you’ll need to log into your employer’s meinJobRad portal and click on the "Versicherungsfall melden" button.

For further information, please contact JobRad.

No, your bike will not be replaced with the latest model during your lease.

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