LEKKER x Service Partners

Our bikes are assembled using standard components from the bike industry. For this reason, they can be serviced by most (e)bike specialists. For your convenience, we have created the following map of our selected service partners. In case of a warranty request, please be sure to take the following steps:

Step 1:

Contact our customer service at info.eu@lekkerbikes.com or by using the widget at the bottom right corner of this page, providing a clear description of the issue and your order number.

Step 2:

We will identify the issue and propose a solution, which may include directing you to one of our service partners or another local bike shop.

Step 3:

If a component needs replacement, we will mail it to you directly.

Step 4:

Schedule an appointment with the bike shop to bring in your bike and the replacement component for repair.

Step 5:

The bike shop will directly invoice you for the repair, which you will pay at the shop.

Step 6:

Forward the repair invoice to us in the same email thread where we authorized the repair, and we will reimburse you within 7 working days.

Service Partner Network