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eBike Battery Fact Sheet

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Tips for your eBike battery – Never before have electric bikes been as trendy as they are today. In cities like Amsterdam, Sydney and Melbourne, streets are being taken over by not only conventional but also electric bikes. eBikes are fast, smooth, and the most stylish way to get from A to B.

If you decide to upgrade your lifestyle by treating yourself to one of our dutch eBikes, it is important to take care of the electric bike’s battery. Battery health has a tremendous impact on the performance and lifespan of your bike. At LEKKER Bikes, our eBikes have a reusable battery. This means that once your battery is empty, you can simply recharge it and reuse it. And the best part? Our batteries are also removable. So never again will you have to lug your eBike inside to charge it up. With the easily removable, seamlessly integrated battery pack, you can easily charge your bike, wherever you are. 

So as mentioned above, just like any other vehicle, an eBike and its battery have to be taken care of. Let us help you with a few tips and tricks on how to optimise your new eBikes battery’s performance and lifespan.  

Never leave your battery flat

One of the most important tips we can give you is to never leave your battery flat. Especially when storing your eBike battery for longer periods, the best thing is to keep your battery partially charged. If you store your battery flat, you could cause some irreparable damage and dramatically shorten its lifespan. Even storing your battery fully charged for longer than a month can do some damage, and leave the cells under a lot of pressure. The safest is to store your battery with 50 – 80% charge. 

Where to store your battery

The best place to store your battery is in a dry, cool place, out of direct sunlight and at a temperature between 5 – 20°C (41 – 68°F). If you’re using your bike during warmer summer days, then remove your battery when possible to avoid leaving it in the daylight. Similarly, if you keep your bike outside during the winter, make sure to remove your battery if it’s freezing or even snowing. 

Always know when your battery is charged!

Our LEKKER smart charger automatically detects when your battery is fully charged and will then stop charging. However, we recommend that you disconnect the charger when the battery is fully charged and the indicator light on the charger switches from red to green. For safety reasons, we also advise that you do not leave your battery charging whilst unattended.

Other factors that will affect your batteries range

There are other factors that will affect the range of your battery. Where the battery range is the distance your eBike can travel before the battery needs to be recharged. Here they are:

  • The weight of the rider will have an impact on your battery’s range, as well as the payload that is attached to your bike. Think of racks, pannier bags, child seats, a child in the child seat …
  • Environmental factors such as terrain, gradient, ambient temperature, and wind also play a role. For instance, low outside temperatures will negatively impact your bike’s range. 
  • The assistance level that’s selected on the Bafang E-system. The higher the assistance level you choose, the lower your battery range will be.
  • Always keep in mind the cadence efficiency: Drive-train systems will affect how efficiently your bike will consume energy. For example single speed on the Amsterdam+ vs Amsterdam GT with Enviolo Step-less. A variable ratio drive-train allows for more efficient use of energy than a fixed ratio. 
  • Torque rating of your motor is another important factor. An 80Nm torque mid-motor will help you accelerate faster than a 32Nm hub motor, but will also consume more energy in the process. 
  • Battery capacity: the larger the capacity, the more range the bike will have. At LEKKER Bikes we have different batteries, with different capacities. 
  • Battery age: over time your battery will lose the ability to store charge. The above points will help slow down this process. 

Use your battery!

The last tip we’ll give you is: use your battery! Using your eBike battery is better than not using it. So hop on your bike and (regularly) take it for a spin.

Final Thoughts

Overall, our batteries are highly reliable and do provide all of our riders with a brilliant performance. You’ll see that our batteries do age over time and with constant use, just like any other battery. But by following these tips above, you can be sure that your eBike battery will be optimised its lifespan.

If you are still unsure about how to take care of your battery or have any other questions, we’re always happy to help. Simply contact us via the contact widget or come visit us at one of our brand stores.
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