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The Low-down on Commuting to Work

Swapping your car for a bike to commute can be super rewarding and great fun. The freedom of no traffic, crowded trains or time-wasting. There are some key things to do first before you start commuting on a bike.

Plan ahead

Commuting on a bike can be comfortable, safe and enjoyable but planning is really important. Especially in Melbourne or Sydney – the weather has a mind of its own and can take a turn very quickly. Many cyclists recommend wearing layers as it helps regulate your body temperature and keep your office clothes dry. Kind of like superman but with his office clothing on the inside. An emergency set of clothes at work is definitely a must as well. If your workplace is commuter friendly, it’s also a good idea to just wear riding gear during your commute and get changed at work. To ensure you get to work unscathed, pre-riding your route is super helpful in making sure it’s easy and safe to ride every day. It’s also a good opportunity to work out if it’s the quickest way to go.

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Bring a friend

Why not bring yourself some company and a good conversation on your way to work. Not only will the ride go faster, but it’ll be better time well spent and it’s much safer. Even for recreational riding, it’s always recommended to try and not ride alone, so if something was to happen you are in safe hands.

Be Prepared

It’s important to make sure you’re equipped with the right gear, especially if something was to go wrong. Many commuters recommend wheel guards or mudguards to help keep the dirt and water off yourself and the bike. A set of spares like a tube and some tools are also super handy, especially in the case of getting a flat tire. Choosing the right commuter bike for your riding style is vital as well. In our past blog post “What Lekker Suits you Best?” we discuss the stand out points of each bike and who it would best suit. From our M2, better suited to those sportier riders, or the more relaxed Lekker X.

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach. Feel free to come into our Sydney bike shop or, if you’re further south, we also have a Melbourne bike shop, where you can see, touch and ride the bikes to see which suits you the best.