Melbourne Music Week – Our Rundown

Melbourne Music Week – Our Rundown

Here at Lekker Bikes, we’re not only interested in producing the best range of vintage bikes in town – but we’re also interested in the places and events that our range of commuter bikes can take you to. One such event throughout each November in Melbourne, is Melbourne Music Week – an immersive event that makes use of some of Melbourne’s most creative spaces, transforming them into musical performance hotspots. The 2018 programme was no exception, with the chosen hub being the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACME). In this post, we’ll be sharing more about Melbourne Music Week, as well as all of the other music that is on rotation in our very own Melbourne Bike Store. 

Melbourne music week

Melbourne Music Week has evolved into one of, if not the most iconic musical events in Melbourne. Held during November each year, it transforms multiple venues throughout Melbourne, into exciting and immersive performance spaces, where both local and international artists get to work and express their music in a range of different forms. With a total of 250 acts being on the 2018 programme, the event was diverse and spanned a range of genres and formats. The opening party included live music, dancing, drag, and installations, all until 4am. Following on, a plethora of events followed, with both local and international DJs, bands, live chats and talks with artists as well as immersive sound based experiences. Other venues for the week, included the NGV Great Hall, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, MPavillion, the Meat Market, as well as Flemington Bowls Club. An event not to be missed – but if you did – keep your eyes peeled for the 2019 programme which should fall at the same time, during mid-November, 2019.

Detroit Swindle

As for our own music taste here at Lekker Bikes – we indulge in the latest electronic house music and have it playing inside of our very own Melbourne Brand Store. That’s right – not only do we have the latest technology in electronic bikes to share with you, but we also have the latest in electronic house music. Inside our Melbourne Store, our selections include many house music artists from The Netherlands – including Detroit Swindle – a duo made up of Lars Dales, and Maarten Smeets, in 2011. Both being avid record collectors – they decide not to limit themselves to any particular sound when they perform, and are known to play just about anything in their DJ sets. They’ve been running their very own record label ‘Heist Recordings’ since 2013.

Maurits Verwoerd Nachtbraker

Another artist on high rotation in the Lekker Melbourne Shop, is Amsterdam based artist Maurits Verwoerd, under the name ‘Nachtbraker’, Dutch for Night Hawk. Holding residencies on well-known radio programs such as the Amsterdam-based Red Light Radio and London-based Rinse FM, Maurits continues to receive widespread recognition for his work.

Netherlands-based ‘Fouk’ is another act that we enjoy listening to in the shop – made up of Dutch producers Daniel Leseman and Hans Peeman. Since ‘Detroit Swindle’ signed a release of theirs onto their own label ‘Heist Recordings’, their name was established and began to grow a broad audience. This resulted in DJ requests and sets all around the world and throughout Europe, with their personal highlights including Glastonbury, LoveBox, and Australia.


Here at Lekker Bikes, we’re not only interested in riding our range of bikes – but we’re also interested, in where and how our bikes can get you to your chosen destination. Whether you’re interested in a Lekker for commuting around town, we invite you to come in and see what we have to offer you. We’ve got a wide range of bikes to suit all different riding needs. Whether it’s off to Melbourne Music Week, or the park to visit and party with friends – we can sort you out with a high quality and most suitable bicycle to get you where you’d like to go. With a visit to our shop, you’ll be able to experience the Melbourne dutch house vibe – the music we choose to play to enhance not only our customers’ experience, but the experience for all whom walk in and work within our shop – to keep everyone smiling and feeling positive throughout the day.