Since August 2021, LEKKER has been teaming up with NOWOS in Europe. They're the experts we go to when it comes to repairing electric bike batteries and maximising the product life cycle of them.

How does it work? If it ever happens that your LEKKER bike's battery is in need of service, we contact our experts from NOWOS. Then, they dissect the battery and replace the faulty parts, and make sure it gets back on the road instead of in the trash. With the LEKKER experience, we do our best to offer our clients a loaner battery during the repair process which usually wraps up in about three weeks. And on the off chance that a battery is beyond repair, we've got you covered with a replacement under warranty.
LEKKER Bikes removable eBike battery

Lithium-ion Batteries

Electric bike batteries are complex and can fail if even a single component malfunctions. Traditional solutions involve replacing the entire battery, which isn’t cost-effective or environmentally friendly. Additionally, lithium - one of the main components in the battery is a limited resource. The mining of lithium can have a damaging impact to the environment, including water scarcity, soil contamination, habitat destruction, and challenging labor conditions.

Given these challenges, the importance of servicing and reusing lithium batteries becomes crucial. By focusing on the repairability of lithium batteries, we not only extend their life but also contribute to a more sustainable use of this valuable resource. Embracing the repair and reuse of lithium batteries represents a small but significant step towards addressing the complex issues surrounding lithium extraction and use. 

Here at LEKKER we want to ensure our customers are always satisfied. We are thankful for our partnership with NOWOS, a like minded company that helps keep the LEKKER experience as smooth as possible.