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LEKKER x Chris

How do you break out of your routine, de-stress, and get creative? Founder of Icon Agency and lover of all things tech Chris Dodds has discovered the perfect antidote. Riding his bike and powering it with the sun. 

Chris and his wife Joanne are co-founders of creative, PR, and digital innovation agency Icon. With his background in tech and hers in PR and comms, Icon solves problems from both perspectives. One of Icon’s driving philosophies is ‘work with purpose’. This shines through in the projects they have worked on like Sustainability Victoria’s Love Food Hate Waste campaign and the National Firearms Amnesty.

“It’s important to put back into the communities you’re a part of,” says Chris. He balances work with being a member of RMIT University’s Digital Media Industry Advisory Committee, a board member of Express Media, and a member of the Pause Fest 2020/21 Advisory Board. It’s probably an understatement to say that Chris’s life is pretty hectic at times.

So where does riding a bike fit into his world? Chris and Joanne were looking for a way to detach from their busy schedules and shake things up a bit. “My wife and I were in this routine of going to work and coming back home again. We were looking for something to break our routine coming out of Covid lockdown.”

Chris did a lot of research. “Lekker really stood out, it’s the perfect balance between form and function. Beautiful to look at, and beautiful to ride”. Chris got himself the Amsterdam GT Enviolo eBike, and Joanne the Jordaan+. For their first post-lockdown outing they took off on their bikes for a meal and a glass of wine. After mingling with other like-minded Melburnians they hopped on their bikes and made their way back home through the backstreets of St Kilda.

Chris hasn’t looked back since purchasing his GT. And he’s just installed a Tesla Powerwall. “I love the idea of having a bike that is fuelled by the sun”.

Riding his bike is not just a great way for Chris to get around the city and de-stress. It helps him daydream, get creative and solve problems. “Riding bikes is really good for getting your mind into that flow state – when you’re in that state, a solution will come to you”.