Lekker Bikes x Eugene Tan from Bondi Beach Sydney Aquabumps

LEKKER x Aquabumps

Bondi beach… Where it all began for LEKKER. A little refresher: The Dutch Meindert moved to Sydney’s Bondi and fell in love with the beauty of Australia. Only one thing was missing, a Dutch-Design Bike. And that’s where he decided to start a bicycle brand himself. Completely to his liking!

Eugene Tan, born and bred at Bondi Beach, was excited about Meindert’s plan from the early beginning. “I met Meindert, the founder of LEKKER, in Bondi – while shooting one day. Meindert was a mad Dutchman who lived right on the beach and loved the area. He told me he was going to start a new bike brand, and I was into it. I really love his eye for design.”

Eugene captures the beauty of Australia’s most iconic beaches every day. Through Aquabumps, a daily email and gallery, he shares impressive shots of early morning beach life. Just before sunrise Eugene – including camera equipment – hops on his LEKKER X, straight to one of Sydney’s popular shores to assess the weather and surf conditions.

Shoots, meetings and shopping, the LEKKER X is Eugene’s best mate on the go. But, one ride is his favourite:

“I love riding with my kids along the promenade of Bondi Beach. You see all walks of life, thousands of people come to Bondi. It’s only 900 metres long so usually we do a few laps. It’s very social, you will always bump into a dozen of your friends down there. It’s similar to an Italian village piazza. It’s where the town hangs out.”

Lekker X electric bicycle in onyx black

When we asked Eugene what he loves most about his LEKKER X:

“I love the pedal-assist! It makes my day a breeze. I’m not lazy, I ride further and more often knowing I have assistance. When I am carrying 20 kilograms of camera gear, the motor really helps me get up the hill – whereas before it was just so hard – when fully loaded. ”

Besides the design of LEKKER, Eugene adores the quality and practicality. “I use my LEKKER for everything, and I love it.”

Eugene captures Sydney’s lively beaches every morning through his camera. Aquabumps, a daily email, keeps 40,000 subscribers up-to-date on the adventures of the surfers (good and bad), waves, swimmers, sunrises and whatever happens in the wee hours down at the beach. His gallery is located near his favourite spot in the city: Bondi Beach. Always welcome to hop in & take a look at the striking pictures.