Gen3 Amsterdam GTS vs. Gen2 Amsterdam GT

Gen3 Amsterdam GTS vs. Gen2 Amsterdam GT

Our newest addition, the Gen3 Amsterdam GTS, raises the bar for what an eBike can be, building on the success of our Gen2 Amsterdam GT. For your convenience we have highlighted the similarities and differences between these two fantastic models, to help you choose the ride that’s just right for you.

Common Ground
There are several differences between the Amsterdam GTS and its predecessor, the Amsterdam GT. However, features like our mid-motor, shifting hub and our drivetrain are still true to the ones of the Gen2 model.

The Bafang® mid-engine gives you a serious 80Nm of torque, which you can control through 5 different levels of pedal assistance. The Enviolo® hub provides a unique stepless gearing system. It allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. In similar fashion, our drivetrain is meant to be as straightforward as possible. Made out of carbon fiber - it's maintenance free up to 30,000km.

Price Points
The Gen2 Amsterdam GT, available for €2698, stands as a dependable choice for urban eBikers, offering robust performance in a sleek package. It's designed for riders who prioritise reliability and efficiency in their daily commutes, delivering consistent performance at an attractive price point.

For an additional €300, the Gen3 Amsterdam GTS elevates the urban cycling experience with advanced features such as an upgraded cockpit integrated fully into the handlebar display, new design changes, more durable tires, exclusive colorway and more. With a price of €2998 ((including the €100 introductory discount), the Gen3 Amsterdam GTS isn't just any eBike. It combines top-notch performance with sleek design and superior specs. This bike is all about giving you premium features that make every ride extraordinary, making it a top pick for those who settle for nothing short of the best.

The Gen3 Amsterdam GTS features a state-of-the-art TFT display that is seamlessly integrated within the handlebar stem, offering a sleek and cable-free aesthetic. This advanced display features a custom LEKKER interface, with metrics such as total distance, current trip distance, average speed and battery health. Its integration allows riders to effortlessly keep track of their journey while maintaining focus on the road ahead.
In contrast, the Gen2 Amsterdam GT is equipped with a display that is mounted on the handlebar stem, rather than being fully integrated. This setup offers access to essential information such as battery health and overall stats, but it does not match the streamlined look and advanced functionality of the Gen3's cockpit.

The Gen3 Amsterdam GTS starts with a 375Wh battery, upgradeable to 500Wh, promising an impressive range up to 100 km, with a design focus on sleekness and agility. Meanwhile, the Gen2 Amsterdam GT features a more robust 500Wh battery, with an option to upgrade to 630Wh, ensuring rides up to 110 km in range.

Frame Design
We have evolved our Gen3 bikes' frame design to strike an ideal mix between elegance and practicality. The tubes on our Gen3 eBikes are more rounded and balanced than on the Gen2, and because the Gen3 comes with a smaller battery it also allows the downtube in the frame to be more compact. The seatpost clamp on the Gen3 is also upgraded for a smoother look.

These updated features result in a cleaner aesthetic, making our eBikes perfect for both those who seek a smooth, stylish and practical ride.

The Gen3 model equips riders with G-One Schwalbe tires, which are extra thick and puncture-resistant, for unparalleled durability and comfort to all of your rides.

In comparison, the Gen2 features the tried-and-true WTB Riddler tires, although not puncture-resistant they are known for their durability and performance.

The Gen3 features integrated rear fender lights, which include a stop functionality, adding a new layer of safety. These lights ensure you're visible and protected even in low-light conditions. Meanwhile, the Gen2 has its rear lights integrated into the seatpost stem. Reliable and convenient; however, it doesn’t come with the stop functionality found in the Gen3 model.

Color Options
Both generations come in black, the Gen2 also comes in a Concrete Blue color. Meanwhile, we have added a new color for the Gen3 GTS model, a fresh Alpine White.

Choosing Your LEKKER Companion
Whether the appeal lies in the Gen3 Amsterdam GTS’s advanced capabilities and upgraded premium parts or the Gen2 Amsterdam GT’s solid performance and exceptional value, LEKKER Bikes ensures a great experience for every rider. Each model presents its advantages, promising stylish, comfortable, and efficient urban cycling. Embrace the journey ahead with a LEKKER bike.