Lekker Bikes Enviolo Gearing GT

Enviolo Gearing: What’s the Hype?

If you’re familiar with the LEKKER Amsterdam GT or the Jordaan GT, you’ve probably heard about Enviolo gearing. It’s a feature that makes the Amsterdam and Jordaan GT models unique – adding an element of modern technology that’s designed to make your ride smoother, safer, and ultimately, more enjoyable.

What is Enviolo Gearing?

Fundamentally, this snazzy piece of engineering is a gearing hub, designed by Enviolo. Traditionally, bicycles require the rider to manually change gears as they’re riding – for the uninitiated, changing gears can feel intimidating, particularly when locked gears and empty peddling are involved. 

The Enviolo hub provides a unique stepless gearing system. It allows you to change the gear ratio between your pedals and rear wheel in one continuous motion. By simply twisting the shifter on your handlebar, the gear ratio will switch automatically. In Enviolo’s own words, it’s as simple as turning the dial on a radio.

As with all features on a LEKKER eBike, the Enviolo hub is low maintenance, meaning no engineering degree is required to enjoy everything this technology has to offer. The hub itself is completely enclosed, protecting it from the elements to give it even more durability and longevity. It’s also near-silent, so for those quiet rides out in the countryside, you’re free to enjoy your surroundings without any unwelcome noise pollution.

Enviolo x LEKKER

The innovative Enviolo gearing hub can be found on both the LEKKER Jordaan GT and the LEKKER Amsterdam GT. These models make up the peak of the LEKKER eBike range; taking modern technology and premium features and combining them with classic Dutch design to create the ultimate Enviolo eBike.

The Enviolo gearing hub sits perfectly alongside a Bafang mid-drive motor and Gates CDX belt drive. Together, they make for the smoothest of rides. The Enviolo hub allows you to shift gears even at a standstill, alongside easier riding in any stop-and-go situation. Issues associated with locked gearing systems are eliminated with the Enviolo, especially when used in combination with the mid-drive systems that feature on both the Jordaan and Amsterdam GT Enviolo eBikes.

And with its 310% ratio, the seamless Enviolo hub is perfect for urban commuting, and for longer weekend rides on rougher terrains.

Safety first

The Enviolo eBike gearing hub is a new technology that’s also safer for riders, allowing them to focus on what’s around you, and not on shifting gears. By allowing you space to take in your surroundings, it makes for a ride that’s infinitely less stressful – especially if you’ve decided to take your ebike to pick the kids up from school.

When used in harmony with a Bafang motor, the stepless gearing that the Enviolo hub offers gives you confidence that no matter what your journey throws at you, you will make it up the last hill.

A little bit about LEKKER

Amsterdam-based LEKKER was originally founded in 2009 with a lofty goal in mind – to revolutionise the modern commute. Taking a Dutch classic and adding the latest in cycling technology, the LEKKER range is a masterclass in engineering. 

When founder Meindert swapped the streets of Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach, he quickly realised that there was something missing from this idyllic new lifestyle in the sun: his beautiful Dutch bicycle. And so, LEKKER as we know it was born.

Now sold across Australia, Europe, and the US, LEKKER bikes have been adopted by commuters and casual riders alike, from all walks of life – all coming together to enjoy the wonder of travel on two wheels.