Front Porch Properties Rachael LEKKER

LEKKER x Rachael

About 5 years ago Rachael made quite a career switch. After being a classical pianist and operating a music school for 10 years, she started her own design and construction company: Front Porch Properties. 

Rachael enjoys every bit and wears her job title with pride. “I’m a builder! I own a construction company and my days are spent on construction sites hanging out with my awesome team of carpenters and tradies. 

At Front Porch Properties, Rachael and her team help people to create their dream home. Not only by turning their houses into complete gems but also by entirely designing and constructing brand new properties from scratch. “We design the houses and then build them, and also help them with all the interior design. We are a one-stop-shop!”. She describes their style as: ‘Modern homes with storybook charm’. 

Rachael owns a holiday beach accommodation in New South Wales herself, occasionally rented out to Airbnb guests. To give the holiday house that extra touch, she added a pair of LEKKER Bikes to the facilities. “We were looking for some gorgeous retro-style bikes and my Dutch friend told me about LEKKER. We have been fans ever since.”

“We used to ride them around town or we rode them to the pub opposite the beach for lunch. So convenient! Our Airbnb guests also got to use them and had commented that the bikes are so fun and convenient.”

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