Lekker Bikes Jordaan ME JANE AND CAMP OUT


If you had the chance to live in the tropical paradise of the Maldives, surrounded by aquamarine crystal blue seas, would you ever want to leave? I can bet your answer would be ‘no’, but unlike everyone else, that’s what Jane did. She decided to leave the island and take a bit of that magical place to start her own glamping resort in Australia!

Jane is what we call an expert in her field: she lived 12 years in the Maldives, worked in a luxury resort and spa on the island, lived in a tipi, and explored stunning South Africa. Her dream was to create a business aligned with her ethics and lifestyle, and thus “ME JANE AND CAMP OUT” was born!

Her business centres around “bringing kinfolk back into nature, to have a quintessential regional Australian glamping experience”. You get to sleep in luxury bell tents, have essentially room service and other deluxe experiences but in a camping setting!

Jane also works closely with locals in what she provides with her glamping business, so you know you’re getting the true regional Australian experience: “We are linked in with every local artisan and food provider in our region…I handpick everything that is simple yet beautiful.”

When Jane is not spending time with her family, she loves to be in and around nature. In the mornings she would wake up bright and early to get her two beautiful kids ready for school, then hop on her LEKKER bike and ride 6.5km along the rural roads, breathing in the fresh air and waving at cows along the way to her local general store, where she enjoys a cup of coffee and brainstorms for the day.

Around a decade ago was when LEKKER bikes first came across her radar, whilst consulting for a resort development in the Maldives. Last year she finally decided to make it official, and became part of our worldwide community – “Having a LEKKER is freedom, style, convenience and always a great talking point, as I have it sitting in our main living area like it’s a piece of art! It has fulfilled me.”

Lekker Bikes Jane on her Jordaan bicycle with dogs in basket

The bike not only helps her to get around but is also a convenient business-assistant. She often rides around the property of her vineyard to check up on guests and the glamping tents accompanied by her two adorable dogs: “both of my dogs are with me on the property as I ride around, little Scout has to be in the front basket and Banjo our border collie generally likes to lead.”

“The whole family loves the Lekker…my biggest decision right now that we are in the countryside is if I need to purchase the new all-terrain eCruiser… test ride on the vineyard anyone?”