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LEKKER Journal – Stockholm

The LEKKER Journal  a blog series sharing our favourite bike trips and routes in different cities across the world. Highlighting the benefits of cycling and introducing our readers to our favourite places for riding our LEKKER bikes, these blogs aim to be an inspiration to keep on riding and enjoy our beautiful cities and nature in a responsible way. This week, introducing: Bikes routes in Stockholm!

Ever tried discovering a city on a bike? Doing that whilst in Stockholm, the biggest city in Sweden, might be a great way to explore its urban areas. It’s one of the most bike-friendly capitals in the world: the terrain is mainly flat and it has a vast variety of bike lanes and paths – some of them even stretch over long bridges! So why not stay healthy and pick up a new hobby in bike riding, get some fresh air and get your body moving! The following are our favourite 5 routes to see Stockholm.


Translated as Waterfront Road, this route is like a scene straight out of a Woody Allen movie. As you cruise your way down the glittery waterfront on a sunny day, alongside the tree-lined boulevard, this picturesque ride will be sure to leave you feeling charmed by its scenic view. Great news! As it is mostly a flat surface, this is a perfect bike ride for the whole family and kids, so all skill levels are welcomed. Along the beautiful water’s edge, there are a few cafes and restaurants stationed, where you’re able to stop and enjoy the scenery whilst sitting down sipping some coffee. All included in one ride!


This is made for those who love the countryside but don’t want to go far from the urbs. What’s the secret to the charms of this trail? Well, it’s covered in nature, with canals, forests, and winding paths, but it’s in the heart of the city! It is a peaceful location to many of Stockholm’s most popular museums and cultural attractions, such as the Abba Museum, Skansen, and the Vasa Museum, where a Swedish warship dating from 1628 was salvaged. (Who said music and history can’t get along?!) There are so many beautiful paths to choose from and you don’t have to worry about decision fatigue – All you need to do is flip a coin and let luck decide!


If you’re a lover of long-distance bike riding, then Mälardalsleden might be the best option for you. It is one of the oldest bike trails known to Sweden that stretches to 440km. Interesting fact: if you add the extended paths that are connected, it can measure up to 800 km! As the trail surrounds Lake Mälaren, you can cruise around the glassy lake – which is the third-largest freshwater lake in the country, and immerse yourself in the greenery that surrounds you. Extra tip: there are plenty of photo ops so don’t forget to stop and take pictures.

Hagaparken Mountain Bike Trails

Now for a short and sweet, but an exhilarating ride: Hagaparker Mountain trails! If you are an experienced bike rider on the lookout for a thrilling and exciting adventure, then you have to give it a go. Besides being surrounded by spectacular greenery and having a large park and woods, when you get to the top you’d be able to see some amazing views of the city. Please bring your helmet and protection gear: the Hagen DH trail is designed to be sped down through the forestal terrain. It’s a great path to test your skills maneuvering the bike, as you’d have to dart and weave through the trees and shrubs. This three and a half minute downhill ride will be sure to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you!

Lindingö Bridge

Bike paths that stretch over large bridges?! Now, that’s something not seen in every city. Built-in 1925, this was once a bridge for vehicles – now it is a place where walkers, joggers and cyclists can use and be worry-free of cars. Enjoy! This 750m bridge has a clear path for cyclists, making it super convenient for biking across this historic bridge. That then splits into multiple paths taking you all across Stockholm where you can even ride all day without taking the same route twice!

With routes that can take you on a wild adventure to ones that you can cruise along with a scenic view, Stockholm needs to be in your bucket list. The bike trails difficulties range from advanced to beginner, so there isn’t a reason to not go riding. What better way to take your LEKKER out for a spin! If you are wondering what is the best bike to conquer these kilometres, give a shout! We are happy to help you find your ideal companion.