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LEKKER Journal – Melbourne

The LEKKER Journal  a blog series sharing our favourite bike trips and routes in different cities across the world. Highlighting the benefits of cycling and introducing our readers to our favourite places for riding our LEKKER bikes, these blogs aim to be an inspiration to keep on riding and enjoy our beautiful cities and nature in a responsible way. This week, introducing: Bikes routes in Melbourne!

Breathe in, breathe out – did you know that through working out, you can train your lung muscles and enlarge your lung capacity? A good way to stay physically fit! (And mentally… as exercising is a natural stress reliever). To give you a nudge in the right direction, we have listed the go-to riding spots in Melbourne.

Melbourne, one of the most liveable cities in the world and home to our headquarters and brand store. This city really has it all: cultural diversity, lots of art and music, a great passion for coffee and cuisine, beautiful landscapes as well as the bustling city vibes and, what’s best: wonderful people! – and bikes… Are you ready to explore Melbourne on your favourite cruiser?

Banksia Park to Heid Park

If you prefer to start off easy, try the 5km Banksia to Heid trail. This cycling lane has the best of both worlds so to speak, fresh green parkland on one side and the Yarra River on the other. Not to mention the peaceful sound of chirping birds and the fragrance of fresh gumtree leaves. Start at Banksia Park and cruise your way toward the Heid Sculpture Park. A great place to spot some of the most amazing pieces of art.

The Bay Trail

This trail has a couple of possible variations, both starting at St Kilda’s most flamboyant spot – Luna Park. Make your way along the coastline of Port Phillip Bay to Brighton (5km) or as far as Half Moon Bay (12km). In both cases, you’ll enjoy all the beauty ocean-life has to offer. Check out millionaire’s yachts showing off in the water and stunning sand beaches, and feel the sea breeze in your hair.

Lilydale to Warburton Rail

40km might sound like quite a trail, and we are not going to lie… The Yarra Valley ride isn’t childs’ play. Preparation is key! Ensure your gears are shifting smoothly and your brakes are perfectly tuned, because, oh boy… You will need those. Your calves muscles will work hard, but the outstanding views make you forget about the burn. Passing stunning mountains, vineyards and forests, a great opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Capital City Trail

Keen to be a tourist in your own city? The Capital City Trail will take you along some of Melbourne’s iconic hotspots. It starts in Coburg and brings you all the way south to Abbotsford. On your way, you’ll catch a glimpse of highlights like the Islamic Museum, the Ceres Community Environment Park, Dights Falls and other outstanding pieces of history and Mother Nature.

The 1 in 20

Just like the other trails described above, The 1 in 20 shows nothing but breathtaking sceneries as well. The track itself is something else… a 6.8km ride following the curvy – and steep – roads of the Dandenong Ranges National Park. Definitely a good time for the cyclists that are up for a challenge!

No matter your skills and experience, Melbourne has something to offer for everyone! Every unforgettable trail starts with a bike, still looking for your partner in crime? Shoot all your questions at one of our friendly staff members and you will be riding in no-time on your favourite two-wheeler.