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Jordaan+ Vs Jordaan GT

The Jordaan range is LEKKER’s homage to the prototypical classic Dutch style electric bike. Aesthetically, these bikes embody the traditional Dutch Omafiets design. A scooped frame (ladies’ only) and vintage colouring takes you straight back to cycling in the Dutch countryside – the traditional Dutch Omafiets and Opafiets on the horizon.

LEKKER’s Jordaan bikes are modern-styled commuter bikes, with function as well as comfort as the central elements that define its role within the LEKKER range. The bikes have premium features from the very best component manufacturers. These bikes are designed to take you wherever you need to go with ease, comfort and style.

This time, we’re going to explore the differences between the Jordaan+ and the Jordaan GT – LEKKER’s contribution to the ever-growing eBike market. These bikes combine beautiful, traditional design with contemporary features, adding a modern spin on a Dutch classic.

Powerful and silent eBikes

Both models are prototypical Dutch transportation bikes, sharing many design similarities that mark these out as true modern-styled commuters. Both the Jordaan+ and the GT model are powerful, silent eBikes with Bafang motors and the GT model even has a Gates Belt Drives to offer you a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. Their lightweight aluminium frame is rust-proof and powder-coated, so your ride stays looking as good as new for years to come.

LEKKER design has longevity at its heart, so with both the Jordaan+ and Jordaan GT bikes, you know you’re buying a bicycle for life. The benefit of a composer model such as these is the ability of LEKKER to choose the very best components for the bike. The Jordaan range is built to last; from the removable battery to the Bafang motor. It’s designed to be maintenance-free, so you don’t need to worry about snapped chains or regular services.

One of the main pain points when it comes to eBikes is the potential for noise pollution – with the Jordaan models, that’s not an issue as the Bafang motor emits no noise, so whether it’s early morning or late at night, you can move quietly and focus on your surroundings. There are 5 levels of power assist on both models, providing super smooth, silent support no matter how steep the hill might be.

Both the Jordaan+ and Jordaan GT feature a removable battery, giving you flexibility to charge up wherever you are. The battery gives you true freedom, offering a range of up to 90km so you can get from A to B with ease. Front and rear racks feature on both models, so you can carry everything from luggage to groceries to children – with the motor giving you the push you need to get any load up the hill. 


The LEKKER Jordaan+ model is ideal for urban commuters and city adventurers. It will take you where you need to go with ease, so even after a long day’s work, you’re safe in the knowledge that you can get home swiftly and smoothly.

It’s designed for short to mid-range distances; whether that’s riding across town to the office or taking to country roads on the weekends. The design is traditional – a step-through bike with classic Dutch features such as the scooped frame featured on the women’s eBike. It offers a beautiful vintage aesthetic, without the rusty frame and loose parts!

Like all LEKKER bikes, the Jordaan+ cares about you and your safety. The premium and reliable hydraulic disk brakes allow you to stop safely and smoothly, whilst integrated LED seat post lights and Spanninga front light will keep your journey illuminated no matter what time of day you’re riding. And naturally, the Dutch upright seating position is not only for comfort, but also allows you to constantly scan the road for traffic.

The LEKKER Jordaan+ eBike is the perfect introduction to the joys of electric bikes – offering a range of contemporary, but easy to use features that offer you a fuss-free ride without compromising on the quality LEKKER is world-renowned for.

Jordaan GT

The Jordaan GT takes things up a notch. This is a bike designed for the rider that wants to be able to do it all. Whether you’re an urban commuter or used to riding on country roads, the Jordaan GT is a real all-rounder. It features all the core elements that make up a LEKKER bike – the aluminium frame, hydraulic brakes, front and rear racks (perfect for groceries, luggage, child seats and more), and LED dashboard – but with a state-of-the-art Bafang M420 motor, it adds an extra push with the very best technology in eBike engineering.

The Bafang M420 mid-drive motor is compact and silent, so you can cruise the streets without risk of noise pollution. The LEKKER Jordaan GT also boasts 80Nm of torque, alongside sensitive controls and stepless gearing from Enviolo. This is the true joy of a composer bike: LEKKER are able to pick the perfect elements to make your ride the very best on the market.

Fulfilling this brief is the Enviolo CT N330 stepless gearing on the Jordaan GT. This sets this eBike apart from the rest of the crown. Stepless gearing essentially means you can change gears quickly and easily – whether you’re cruising round town or at a standstill. There’s no transition between gears, it moves smoothly and without issue. The Jordaan GT has a rotational sensor and a torque sensor that estimates how much pressure you are putting on the pedals while pedalling and then informs the motor about how much assistance may be required. In turn, the motor mimics the natural bike riding experience more closely. It’s a masterclass in comfort, ease and safety-led design.

The Gates Belt Drive takes away the hassle of traditional bike chains. It’s maintenance-free, there’s no risk of snapping, and you won’t need to keep it greased. Squeaky chains? Not here. The Jordaan GT’s motor will keep you propelling round the city streets – or on country roads – no matter how tired you are. You’re safe in the knowledge that the LEKKER Jordaan GT will get you from A to B.

Designed to last you a lifetime and take you wherever you need to go, a LEKKER Jordaan GT eBike is the very best eBike money can buy.

A little bit about LEKKER

Amsterdam-based LEKKER was originally founded in 2009 with a lofty goal in mind – to revolutionise the modern commute. Taking a Dutch classic and adding the latest in cycling technology, the LEKKER range is a masterclass in engineering.

When founder Meindert swapped the streets of Amsterdam for Australia’s Bondi Beach, he quickly realised that there was something missing from this idyllic new lifestyle in the sun: his beautiful Dutch bicycle. And so, LEKKER as we know it was born.

Now sold across Australia, Europe, and the US, LEKKER bikes have been adopted by commuters and casual riders alike, from all walks of life – all coming together to enjoy the wonder of travel on two wheels.