Lekker Bikes stylish Amsterdam plus ebike in black

Amsterdam+ eBike – True Beauty Lies in Simplicity

WARNING – You may fall in love with our Amsterdam+ after reading.

E-Bikes are an amazing way to upgrade your lifestyle. A great alternative to a car – they decrease air pollution and help clear up busy roads and congestion. With more and more cities around the world investing in their cyclers by financing new bike lanes; the eBike revolution is just beginning. Just look at cities like Amsterdam & Sydney, who are leading the pack in creating more space for both pedestrians and cyclists. And with all the added health benefits of bike commuting, it’s a no-brainer.
Let us introduce to you one of our most popular eBike models: the Amsterdam+. And most importantly: what makes this bike so irresistible.

Single Speed Gearing System

The most common misunderstanding of our Amsterdam+ is its single-speed gearing system. You might be asking yourself: are single-speed eBikes good for hills? Let us help clear up this query unless you live in the Swiss Alps, a single-speed eBike ensures the perfect ride. In fact, a gear-hub is often not necessary. With our Amsterdam+ you can simply hop on your eBike and let your two wheeled-friend work its magic. The Bafang H400 rear motor will propel you forwards, and every touch of the pedal feels seamless. Getting up to speed (25km/hr at that) from a standstill has never felt breezier. The gearing ratio has a 63T front sprocket and 22T rear sprocket, resulting in perfect recreational cadence all the way through.


You might have been on an eBike before and experienced some very unnatural jarring every time you turned the pedal. Well, here’s some good news for you: here at LEKKER, we’re all about a smooth ride.
The gold standard on eBike sensors is a mid-drive motor with a torque sensor. These don’t just measure that the cranks are rotating, but also how much pressure/torque you are putting on the pedals. So, even though the Amsterdam+ has a rotational sensor, our Bafang system on the new H400 motor & matching controller feels very similar to that of a torque sensor. This means your LEKKER rides will feel as smooth as silk.

Going beyond the invisible wall

Here at LEKKER, we often talk about the invisible wall. This is the ‘wall’ you hit once the motor support legally cuts out at 25km/h and no electrical power is used. If you want to accelerate past this point (and go past the wall) you will have to do this on your own muscle power. At LEKKER, we tried to get rid of this wall as much as possible to guarantee the smoothest biking experience.
It is no secret though that biking with motor support until 25km/h will feel different to biking on muscle power alone after that. However, how noticeable crossing this point is, differs from eBike to eBike. There are three key elements that determine this:

  • Gearing Eatio/Cadence at 25km/h

First things first, the Amsterdam+ has a spotless gearing ratio on its single speed. As mentioned above, we carefully chose the gearing ratio. With 63T front sprocket and 22T rear sprocket the motor is there to support you and allow you to kick off with ease. You will experience a great cadence between the speeds of 5 to 25 km/h while the motor is still supporting you. But even when you’ll surpass the wall at over 25 km/h and ride on muscle power only, you’ll see a cadence of 70 revolutions per minute. Most recreational cyclists aim to have a cadence of 60/80 revolutions per minute. So, we smack right in the middle here.

  • Bike Weight

As for bike weight, being an eBike, the Amsterdam+ is extremely light, weighing only 18kg (including the eBike battery). Now you might ask how this is possible? It’s the bike’s uncomplicated design and its aluminum frame that make this possible. That’s right, we specifically designed a bike that keeps things light and simple for the rider.

  • Freewheel function on the motor (so whether the bicycle actively holds you back once the motor support is cut out)

Lastly, the H400 rear hub motor has a freewheel function, which means it does not actively hold you back beyond 25km/h when the motor support cuts out.

Combined, all these elements result in a very limited invisible wall. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty common to ride the bike beyond 25km/h to make a green light, or to simply have a bit of a workout – instead of just coasting with motor support. This said, the Amsterdam+ is an eBike that ensures this famous wall is a thing of the past.

Biking Position

Whoever told you step over bicycle frames were uncomfortable, never rode a LEKKER bike. Thanks to the adjustable moustache handlebar with grips that allow you to rest the palm of your hands on them, the Amsterdam+ can be set in both a sporty and comfortable biking position to suit every rider’s needs. With this eBike you can choose between a more forward/sporty biking position which will translate to a more aerodynamic ride and efficient pedalling/transfer of power from the leg muscles to the pedals. Otherwise, by simply elevating the handlebar you will experience a more upright cycling position, which will particularly comfortable for the neck & shoulders. And it will give you the chance to enjoy the view. So, who said you can’t have it all?

We keep it simple

Why complicate things if you can keep them nice and simple? With the Amsterdam+ you won’t have to experience any glitchy apps when it comes to starting up. All you have to think of is simply turning on your display for basic settings and enjoying the ride. Our belt drive from Gates needs no maintenance for the first 30.000 km. Our hydraulic brakes supplied by Elvedes are also low maintenance. On top of this, all electronic components are sheltered from the elements inside the frame and have an extremely low fail rate. Backed up with excellent customer support from our colleagues at our bike shops in Melbourne, Sydney & Amsterdam, alongside our composer strategy, this bike truly sets us apart from competition in terms of down-time.

With it’s minimal yet practical design, the Amsterdam+ eBike is the ultimate electric bike for your daily commutes. Just swing by our Amsterdam, Melbourne or Sydney bike shop and take this baby for a free test ride to see for yourself!