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Amsterdam GT eBike satin black Lekker Bike


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Amsterdam+ eBike

Cruising or commuting, the Amsterdam+ is made for city cycling. This sporty number's a real lightweight, but not light on power. Let’s go.

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Lekker Bike Amsterdam plus eBike

Take off. Recharge. Go.

Move through the city with ease. Lightweight and powerful, with no need to change gears. And a battery you can remove and recharge, without lugging the whole bike to a power socket. Simply brilliant.


No frills. All thrills.

Stripped back, not basic. A single gear and a silent ride, with five levels of motor support for all the power you need. And a seriously durable, low maintenance carbon belt drive. So you just keep going.

  • Removable battery

    Choose from two batteries, ride up to 90km on a single charge. Take it off, take it indoors, charge it up, head off. Beautifully simple. Easy to replace, easy to upgrade.

  • Gates CDX Carbon belt drive

    Needs less taking care of than a pet rock. Weather-resistant, flexible, durable, it’s made with stretch-free Gates carbon fibre tensile cords. And it’s silent too.

  • Rear hub motor

    One speed, all the assistance you need. Smooth and silent, the Bafang H400 rear motor makes the daily commute smooth sailing. Well, riding.

  • 100% adjustable riding

    We’ve gone for a ‘moustache’ handlebar shape (as opposed to a handlebar moustache) that’s totally adjustable so you get the perfect riding position.


Bafang Bafang Rear hub motor, 30Nm Torque
5 assistance levels
25km/h assistance
RM G310


Front Light SPANNINGA Axendo 30

Rear Light Integrated in Lightskin LED S311 seatpost


Bafang DPC11 CAN


MDA257 100 - 240v / 42V 2A

Removable battery

418Wh capacity (11.5Ah, 36V). Range of 40km – 70km 500Wh capacity (14.5Ah, 36V). Range: 60km-90km


Frame Aluminium 6061 Smooth Welded Diamond frame

Fenders Aluminium

Fork Aluminium 650B Tapered fork, integrated cable routing


Rims Aluminium 36H, double walled

Tires WTB Horizon 650B x 47 Tan-wall


Rotors TEKTRO 160mm

Lever & Caliper TEKTRO HD-M285


Stem ERGOTEC 60° adjustable

Grips VELO VLG-649

Handlebar Mustache model. Width 640mm, 31.8mm*22.2mm

Drive train


Front Sprocket GATES 63T 5 arm

Rear Sprocket GATES 22T


Bottom Bracket NECO B920AL Square taper. 122,5mm * 68mm

Cranks GATES CDX S250 175mm

Pedals WELLGO VP565


Gear Hub Single Speed


Saddle VELO


Experience Box Includes toolset, reflectors and bell

Size chart


Height range For riders 155 - 170cm


Seat tube 50 cm


Top tube 60,8 cm


Head tube 15 cm


Wheel base 115 cm


Stand over height 78 cm

Weight 19kg

Height range For riders 165-180 cm


Seat tube 56 cm


Top tube 62,5 cm


Head tube 17 cm


Wheel base 116 cm


Stand over height 81,5 cm

Weight 19kg

Height range For riders 180-205 cm


Seat tube 60 cm


Top tube 64 cm


Head tube 19 cm


Wheel base 118 cm


Stand over height 85,5 cm

Weight 19kg

Amsterdam plus eBike Lekker Bike in Concrete Blue

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Amsterdam GT eBike satin black Lekker Bike

Amsterdam+ eBike

Cruising or commuting, the Amsterdam+ is made for city cycling. This sporty number's a real lightweight, but not light on power. Let’s go.

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Amsterdam GT eBike

The Amsterdam GT is the +'s big bro (or sis). More power? You got it. Smooth ride? And then some. Think bigger. Ride further.


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Motor Bafang Rear hub motor, 30Nm Torque

Removable battery Up to 90km

Tires WTB Horizon 650B x 47 Tan-wall


Weight 19.0 kg

Brakes Premium Hydraulic Discs

Gears Single Speed

Motor Bafang Mid motor, 80Nm Torque

Removable battery Up to 110km

Tires WTB Riddler 700C x 45 Black


Weight 23.0 kg

Brakes Premium Hydraulic Discs

Gears Enviolo City hub (310°)

Got questions? We’ve got you.

Good question. Amsterdam+ is our lightweight rear motor Amsterdam eBike with a single-speed gearing. It’s the perfect commuter electric bike, agile in every urban environment, ideal for quick rides to and from work (and everywhere in between). Oh, and it’s super-responsive too.

Amsterdam GT is 5kg heavier with a slightly larger frame and a more upward seating position, which lots of riders find more comfortable. The Max Mid-drive motor by Bafang, together with the Enviolo CT integrated hub provides a heavy power boost and full control when riding.

Ah, you must be a serious electric cycling tech-head. OK here goes.

The lightweight Amsterdam+ eBike has a lightweight motor to match. The super-efficient, ultra-durable H-Series Bafang rotation sensor motor weighs just 3kg with a rated power of 250W and a maximum torque of 32 N.m. It sits at the back, meaning better traction than front wheel electric bikes. There’s less gyroscopic effect when you’re speeding through the city streets. Or, to put it in a way you’ll love. Rides like a motorbike, but it’s an eBike.

First up, yes every LEKKER eBike has a removable battery, so you don’t have to take the whole electric eBike inside for charging. Plus, upgrading or replacing’s easy. Which brings us to question 2. Here are the battery specs for the Amsterdam+.

Standard: 36v 11.5 Ah, 418 Wh capacity Range: 40km-70km
Upgrade: 36v 14.5Ah, 500 Wh capacity Range: 60km-90km.

Sure we can. And we’ll keep it simple. It’s the Dutch way. The Amsterdam+ eBike has a single gear (told you it was simple). The lightweight 250w Rear Engine and carefully chosen gear ratio will keep you going. And going. And going. Don’t waste time changing gears, just fly. Well, ride.

The really cool thing about the premium CDX belt is that it’s made with stretch-free carbon fibre tensile cords. Plus the advanced urethane technology means the belt’s weather-resistant, flexible and durable. Best of all, that means low noise and zero maintenance.

The LEKKER Amsterdam+ eBike comes with WTB Horizon 650B x 47 tyres, for maximum traction and smooth riding, beyond pavement roads. So light gravel roads and dirt won’t be a problem. It’s probably best to stay off the mountains and hardcore mudtracks though.

The Amsterdam+ is designed as a single speed bike. You can choose from 5 levels of power assistance, together with a gear ratio of 63*22 to keep boosting your cadence when reaching higher speed! Wheeee!

Yes! The Amsterdam+ Dutch electric bike is fitted with the Spanninga Axendo 40 Lux 36v and the newest Lightskin LED integrated seat post lights which are both STVZO approved. Lights are display-operated and powered by the battery.

Well, we’re not saying you can ride your LEKKER eBike into a canal or anything, but the intelligent LCD displays on all our electric bikes are protected against water, dust, oil and other non-corrosive material. They’re IP65 rated, which is a top-5 rating.

We’re not going to answer that because it would be a Very Bad Thing To Do. We want you and your fellow road users to stay safe. And we’re law-abiding people. So you need to know that riding tuned eBikes with a speed limit above 25km/h is against the law. It will void the warranty on your Dutch eBike and your insurance coverage too. Plus, it can have serious legal consequences. Like we said, a Very Bad Thing.

But wait! Although your motor’s capped at 25km/h, your eBike won’t be gated. So if you feel the need for speed (and your legs are strong like Marianne Vos) you can pedal as fast as you want.

Sorry, the Amsterdam+’s motor isn’t quite up to the task of hauling around your sprogs, dogs and, er, logs. But if you’re looking for an eBike with more pulling power, how about the Amsterdam GT?

Don't just take our word for it